Our Mission

Fashion is a unique form of self-expression and should always empower the womxn who wear it, create it and observe it. Prynne is built on the idea that every purchasing decision makes an impact. The fashion industry is one of the largest polluters in the world — we want to change this by making sustainable fashion accessible and inspiring. Because you shouldn’t have to choose between your style and your values.




Transparency is the most important part of our vetting process. If a brand isn’t transparent about their materials and production practices, we won’t collaborate with them. We evaluate each brand yearly to make sure they uphold The Prynne Standard.


Sustainable practices in fashion are multifaceted and constantly evolving so our goal is to make them easy to understand. Look for the icons on each product page for specific sustainability efforts.


What we look for:



Natural Fibers



Responsible Leather





Small Batch Production

Local Production

Zero Waste

Artisan Made

Social Impact

Low Water Use

Carbon Neutral


Additionally we carbon offset shipping for every Prynne order in partnership with COOL EFFECT, a non profit combining carbon reduction with community building.



Environmental rights and human rights are inseparable. We work with brands that produce their products in safe work environments where the workers are paid a fair wage. Many of our designers sew the products themselves or work with local tailors.



Empowering fashion means that womxn from different backgrounds can see themselves in the fashion industry. This means working with brands that encourage representation in size, race, ethnicity, age, sexuality and ability. Much of our knowledge about sustainability comes from Black and Indigenous people—it is impossible to have a sustainability movement without inclusivity.